by Dandy and the Walkers

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Dandy and the Walkers' double single "Cassady/Baby." Produced by Mario Negrón.


released December 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Dandy and the Walkers San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Track Name: Cassady
You can brood in shadows
while I slip on banana peels.
That Byronic gaze has got me
head over heels.
You can roll your eyes
while I expose my thong
and you just remain silent,
baby, I’ll sing your song.

Baby, you can be my working class Verlaine.
Lovers centuries to come will shudder at your name.

And we’ll know that it’ll never work,
but your name will be in every verse \

Bend your little shoulders
till you almost touch the ground.
Every little motion
is a haiku yet unfound.
You can call me names,
make me alien.
While the bruises fade,
baby, I’ll be writing.

You can be my Neal Cassady, baby
‘cause God knows you don’t deserve my love.
And I’ll paint you as an angel,
as you strike me leather gloved.

You read to me
the words that I wrote.
Your voice runs warm,
my ears stand cold.

And we’ll know that it’ll never work
but your name will be in every verse
Track Name: Baby
Give me a kiss,
You drive me crazy,
When you hold me like this

Open up your heart
And hug me 'cause it feels like my insides are falling apart

I keep your eyes in my gold locket,
But you keep mine in your back pocket
Baby, what do you want me to do?
I'll speak only when spoken to
I'll promise to keep my eyes and mouth shut
to kiss you

Why won't you kiss me?
When you turn your head, you leave me in misery

I'll be your squirrel
I won't bite or bother in your perfect world

I'll be a Begonia on your Facebook wall
Your perfect little Rococo Lladró doll

Baby let me be cute,
You'll love me more when I'm mute
I promise to keep my eyes and mouth shut.

My friends all say, you do me harm,
They don't see that its just your charm.
My friends all say that you do me harm,
But I love it most when you twist my arm.

Baby can't you see,
The things that you do to me?
All I wanna do

Is kiss you
(But you won't)
Kiss you
(But you won't)
Kiss you
(But you won't)